> Lessons are a half hour long and are usually weekly (advanced students may require one hour lessons).
  > Students are required to purchase their own music and theory books to bring to the lesson, and take home again to study.

  > $32.00 for one half hour private lesson -
    $16.00 for shared half hour lesson (Redwood Park Primary School only, when suitable pairs are available)
  > Fees are charged in ten week terms. $320 ($160 per shared time) must be paid in the first week of each new group of ten lessons.

Please see terms & conditions for information on cancellation policy and

  Other Benefits

As a part of your fees you also get:

  > Free participation in all studio concerts every school term, extra exam preparation events and workshops.
  > Free support materials.

Discount entry to concert excursion events that we may attend.



Subjects taught are:
  > Classical Piano
  > Leisure Piano (incorporating popular classical, jazz and contemporary)
  > Music Theory

Music 'Theory' can be taken as a separate subject from piano studies, however all 'piano' lessons will incorporate the theory that is necessary to learn the instrument effectively.

I will provide direction on choosing music to play, purchasing books and sheet music, and suggest works that suit the developmental requirements of individual students, and their taste. Music can be purchased from me if you are unable to get to a music store. Students are welcome to choose their own music and bring along things they want to play.


I do not teach main stream popular music such as rock, hip hop, or r&b - however the music reading skills and performance abilities learnt from the other styles of music taught, will equip you to have a go at any music you like outside the lessons, and I will certainly help with any technical difficulties you come across.

I do not teach music technology, the studio piano is an accoustic baby grand with a focus on traditional piano curriculum. If you want to learn 'keyboard', I can teach you to read music, practice techniques and fingering etc that you will assist with the playing aspect, but if you want to use a keyboard lab with midi computer interfaces and effects, I can not help you.

  What will I/my child learn?


> how to read music
> the notes on the piano
> how to play pieces of music
> proper technique
> music theory
> music history
> aural skills
> music styles and interpretation
> rhythm

> how to practice
> concentration techniques
> how to perform
> accountability
> confident presentation
> persistence




Many students wish to play for their own enjoyment only, while others appreciate the motivation and direction that exam preparation provides, or perhaps are studying to be professional musicians.

For those students that wish to do exams, I prepare students for all levels of AMEB exams. These are the accepted benchmark in Australian examinations, and are now accepted as credits for secondary school certificates.

  Concerts and Performance Experience



Small studio concerts are held at the end of every school term, with a large concert at a central venue at the end of the year. Every one is encouraged to participate, and we spend alot of time on understanding how to prepare appropriately for a performance, and deal with nerves.

In addition, extra studio concerts and external performance opportunities are scheduled just for exam students to assist in their preparation.